Month: April 2015

Almost Home (The Bittersweet Feeling)

Hmm. Not sure how I’ll feel once I’m boarding my flight back home. It’s bittersweet. And although I’m saying goodbye to Europe, I’ve comes to terms with it. I’m ready to go back home.

The word bittersweet has two parts to it. But in context for me, the breakdown of bitter and sweet is simple. It’s all about people. Continue reading

Down The Railroad Tracks

Day four of fourteen has begun with a seven hour train ride from Prague to Budapest. What to do to pass time? Blog, of course.

I’ve talked a lot about my past. You all probably have a good grasp of how these past few months have been for me but I’m fairly certain not many of you know what I have ahead of me. It’s the kind of stuff that has me still excited and still motivated even though I’ll be leaving Europe in less than 2 weeks. Continue reading