My Rear View

“There’s more than miles in my rear view” – Brantley Gilbert

Almost a week ago, my time studying abroad ended. My time abroad however has not. While I’m travelimg across Europe, I’m going to be looking in the rear view (figuratively) and reflect on how fortunate I have been to study in London.

Yesterday, I began my time backpacking Europe. For two weeks, I am hopping from place to place, experiencing eight European cities, before returning home. If you’ve forgotten or have not read where I’m traveling (I know it’s not the latter), here you go:

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Athens, Greece
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Rome, Italy
  • Florence, Italy
  • Venice, Italy

I’m typing this post on my phone (you can imagine the joy in that) as I’m on a bus from Berlin to Prague. I’ll be talking about these two weeks later, but not now. This post isn’t about that. It’s about how much I’m going to miss this place. 

Quick background: on January 13th, I arrived in London, actually wondering if coming here was the right choice. I could’ve easily stayed in NY and worked an internship like RIT had planned for me. Instead I made the choice to study in London. Now, at the end of my program, I can definitely say it has been the best decision of my life.

I’m going to miss London and I’m going to miss the people I’ve met here. This place has given me extraordinary sights and wonderful experiences. I’ve been so priveledged that seeing the sights of Westminster are a normal thing. Just a week ago, I ran from my flat in Camden to the paths on the River Thames, into the heart of Westminster, and stretched in the courtyard surrouded by Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace, and statues of some of Britain’s greats like Winston Churchill. And that was normal.

London has given me so much and asked for so little (except my money because gosh, you are one expensive city). It’s given me friends from around the world. It’s given me experiences. It’s given me confidence. It’s given me optimism. It’s given me happiness.

There will always be more than miles in my rear view, some good things and some bad. London has only given me good things.

When you find a place that becomes hard to leave even when your family and friends wait for your return, that’s special. I feel like I’m being pulled from two sides, not wanting to leave either. Just know I’ll be back London. Thanks for becoming another place I can forever call home.

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