Back Home But Not Done Exploring

I began my blog with this comic strip. It had a really simple meaning. In just three words, “Let’s go exploring!”, Calvin captured what studying abroad was to be for me. It was a chance to explore the world, and explore myself.

In my time abroad, beginning January 13th and coming to a close May 3rd, I did both of those things. Now, I know those two things may seem easy to check off, even for someone visiting Europe for a week. Me checking off those two things was only the surface of what living in London did for me.

Rather than list off a bunch of things (because truthfully if I was reading this, I wouldn’t want a long explanation answering that question), I’ll tell you the one thing it did for me: changed my outset on life.

That’s big.

It has opened me up to a world of possibilities. I now have the confidence to live where I want, work where I want, travel where I want. All things that are going to shape my future and I feel like nothing is off limits.

Now I’m not sure if that’s what most people get from studying abroad; it may or may not be. And while I hope most people do get that, I’m glad that is what it’s given me.

Back to Calvin & Hobbes. This blog was started on those three words that Calvin said. I ran with that mentality for the entirety of my stay in Europe. That stay in Europe may be over but the mentality isn’t. And that may just be the greatest joy of studying abroad. The exploring doesn’t start and end with studying abroad. It only begins with it.

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