Back At It

It’s been a while since I last posted…

…I think it’s about time to get back into it.

There’s been plenty of changes in scenery for me recently. Europe was a lot to take in, and even merging back to the working life was something. But for the past few years, my scenery in August has remained the same: Rochester.

The scary thing about this year is it’s likely to be my last here. I’m already knee deep in pre-season practices and subsequently waist deep in 50 degree water trying to rid some of the soreness from my legs. It’s my last pre-season. My last chance to be apart of a team at this level, to compete, and if all goes well, to win.

So here I am back where it all started four years ago. Wow. Four years. Time flies by. It’s hard to look back now and see all the things in my past: three years of collegiate soccer, seven academic terms, one unforgettable study abroad experience, and all those memories. So many memories.

But as hard as that is, I’m happy to be here. It’s my turn to be a senior.

I’m taking this year through the same eyes as Calvin. You know, Rochester might not be London, but there is treasure everywhere. I know Rochester and RIT have much more to give me than they have already, and I’m ready to take it.

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