That’s A Wrap


I’m in limbo right now.

My collegiate soccer career is over. I’m finding myself thinking about the things I should’ve done and the things that could’ve been. It’s the whole “glass half empty” concept where I’m beating myself over feeling as if my career slipped by, as if I somehow blinked and it was all over. Continue reading

Almost Home (The Bittersweet Feeling)

Hmm. Not sure how I’ll feel once I’m boarding my flight back home. It’s bittersweet. And although I’m saying goodbye to Europe, I’ve comes to terms with it. I’m ready to go back home.

The word bittersweet has two parts to it. But in context for me, the breakdown of bitter and sweet is simple. It’s all about people. Continue reading

Down The Railroad Tracks

Day four of fourteen has begun with a seven hour train ride from Prague to Budapest. What to do to pass time? Blog, of course.

I’ve talked a lot about my past. You all probably have a good grasp of how these past few months have been for me but I’m fairly certain not many of you know what I have ahead of me. It’s the kind of stuff that has me still excited and still motivated even though I’ll be leaving Europe in less than 2 weeks. Continue reading

Les Barrières Linguistiques (Language Barriers)

Studying abroad in London has been giving me so many amazing experiences. Just this past week, I’ve gone to a country music festival in England (weird, right?), met Kip Moore (see photo that truly doesn’t capture my excitement), toured the inside of Westminster Abbey, and visited Paris. So there’s plenty I could talk about here, especially since all nine weeks here have been just as as exciting as this past one has been. What I really want to address here deals with my most recent experience, visiting Paris.IMG_0912 Continue reading

No Trip Is Complete Without People To Share It With

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about my travel plans for my last two weeks here. Fourteen days, eight cities, and three people. You didn’t think I’d be going alone, did you? From April 18th to May 1st, three of us will be hopping from city to city, taking in much of what Europe has to offer.

What I want to do here is introduce you to the two people I get to explore Europe with. Continue reading

It’s The Little Things You Start To Miss

44 days. Wow. For 44 days, I’ve been a foreigner. I’ve been another American testing out the water on the other side of the Atlantic. I’ve been a tourist. But most of all, I’ve been in awe.

I’ve been fortunate to see parts of the world that a large proportion of the world’s population will never get to see. And I’m grateful for that. I’m glad that for 110 days, I get to experience all sorts of things and share those experiences with all of you. Continue reading